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Stories form an important part of learning. They are used to convey important messages to the readers. This ranges from having moral lessons to just entertainment. This summary show how character traits in a story help in understanding different personalities and how they react to different situations.

Pirandello (n.d)  in his story of war displays the actions of different characters in response to a common issue. Luigi looks at his characters react to the issue that their sons have been taken to fight in battles of war. This brings mixed reactions from the characters in the story. This sis because they had different reactions based on the consequences the war has brought to them. Some have lost their son to thaw who while others fear that their son would die in they join the war battle. He decides not to assign those names as they share similar problems. This helps him group them easily.

The mother and the father were characterized based on their emotions. They were afraid that if their son was taken in the battle front, he would die (Pirandello, n.d). This caused panic to them. They were not keen to learn that some of their colleagues had sons who were already in the war front. In addition, among those in the war front some had incurred some injuries besides dying. The fat man on the other hand argued the whole issue from a different perspective. He said that joining of the journey by the boys was a service to the nation. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the boys joining the army.

This story would have a different tone if it had been told by the husband alone. This is because the husband would have emphasized on the losses he would have incurred as a result of the alone. Most emphasis would have been laid on the risk the son would have encountered in the battle field. There would have been no room for other people to air their views. In particular, challenging the husband that joining the war was a national responsibility involving many sons and daughters.

Buy custom The War essay

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