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“Art of the Steal” by Joshua Bearman is a magazine article the subject matter of which is about a con man that is planning many series of elaborate heists.  Hacking any bank to steal the jewels by any possible means was the main routine, and from this perspective, there was no security system that could prevent this style robbery.  In addition, the con man named Gerald Blanchard had the unique ability to have full exploitation of the security system, and this knowledge made him conduct the good sin. This was the main issue at the time hence through the good sin process; the security problem was realized in the banks as the jewels were taken away through a sophisticated process.

Blanchard was very creative in the way he was using the stolen resources, and this was taken back to his family in form of celebrations after successful stealing deals (Bearman 3).  Through the whole tactics that he used, the undetected and sophisticated process was heavily arranged, and all the plans were executed effectively.  The use of various ways of entering the banks through the roofs and identification of the target was very helpful for him in the whole process as he was able to escape undetected.

The criminal star was very intelligent in organizing all the procedures undertaken in the stealing process. For instance, he could strategically loosen the screws whenever the staff of the banks relocated to another room. He used the unlocked windows and relied on the motion sensors that could allow him to move freely undetected while inside castle.  He was able to pass through the armed guards who were stationed strategically at the bank entrance. This was a highly intelligent move that was worth strategizing as the good sin because he was able to actualize his moves in an ironical manner.

It was very much technical approach as the criminal was using the aerial approach while in operation.  Passing through the roofs proved that he had some reasonable knowledge to actualize the criminal process; hence this was a good sin in the sense that it was a unique deal that could be done easily.  Blanchard used the locally made knife to disable the alarm system so as not to be detected by the guards on duty or the bank staff. In addition, he was able to borrow parachute from his pilot friend so that the aerial approach through the roofs of the buildings could be actualized (Bearman 2).

The criminal had the ability to facilitate exploitation of security flaws, a trick that he had learnt since his childhood age.  He had practiced and developed the skills previously even while securing milk for the family during the hard times in life that he faced with the mother. Though his efforts are not called for in the society but are very strategic and unique, hence they are the good sins being talked about. The character of the criminal was unique in all dimensions and life experiences that he had passed through. From the toddler age to high school years, the criminal was very much talented in doing certain unique things that were questionable and even not good for the society.

Mastering both, mechanical and electronic devices was the main aspect of concentration to the criminal which could help in performing dangerous operations of robbing the banks.  This made him successful in leading the strategic robbery of the cash machines in the banks. It was done through tampering with the locks in order to get money for own use and the family upkeep. The police officers were not able to trap him up, and at the end of the game they could give up in the process of looking out for him. The crime was a perfect role that had been organized through technical arrangements that would give the alternative process of conducting the criminal process effectively.

The sin was done in a way which was very tactful and was able to challenge the moves and police investigations.  He was able to play hide and seek game with the police until he was sure of escaping from the long arm of the law. He continued to lead the criminal gang in organizing the criminal activities, while the police could not be able to follow up their plans successfully (Bearman 5).  The wiretap technology that the police had used could not even lead to his arrest as he was able to play down upon the whole process until the tension was over.

In the most complex manner possible, the criminals were able to rob customers through the ATM machines across the global world, and this proved fruitful in the process. In just a week, through their good sin, they were able to withdraw a lot of cash from these machines as they had wished. This was accomplished through the use of electronic and other technical machine bombs plus other aiding equipments like card readers, firearms, and other burglary kits. In conclusion, the criminal process for Blanchard was complicated and had to come with new developments, such as his arrest by the police.  Generally, the nature of the criminal process may qualify it as a sinful act. This has eventually made the art of stealing a good sin, which is one of the issues of concern in the society today.

Buy custom Art of the Steal essay

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