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According to Schasartzman (2011), organization of speech is quite important. He notes that speech that is clear and coherent is easier to comprehend and understandable to the listeners. This is because listeners are able to master the flow of the oral message at every point and thus get the theme in the speech. Secondly, listeners tend to judge the competency and trustworthiness of a speech by its organization. When one’s speech is clear and coherent, he develops internal confidence that enables him win the trust of his audience. Moreover, the author also emphasizes organization of speech also enables the audience to relate ideas and thus exercising their skills in critical thinking.

The oral format of my message is quite important as it greatly impact the understanding of the audience. Starting with introduction, my main aim is to attract the attention of the listeners and make known to them what am about to speak on, Chan (2004) gives a great emphasis in having captivating introductions. This is followed by the main body that according to content of my message may have topics and subtopics to facilitate the connection of ideas. Finally the conclusion that signals the end of the speech to bring relief to their mind and give them room to ponder over the subject

There are different kinds of visual aids used in communication. Using weather forecast in my local TV station as example, the visual aids used include computer projectors that show diagrammatic presentation of the predicted weather and the pointer that is used for highlighting; other visual aids include real objects, films and videos. This visual aids are quite essential because the enhance clarity and retention of message passed. Chan (2004) points out that what we hear we easily forget but what we see sticks longer. Visual aids also help the audience make proper distinction thus avoiding confusion. If visual aids are not present, the speaker would employ other communication skills in order to effectively convey the message. For example, tonal variations which keep the audience alert. The speaker could also employ body language at different points of communication with the aim of emphasizing a point.

Culture and Language in Speech Presentation

The speech should be one that the audience easily identifies with. Therefore, aspects of the culture should be incorporated. The language dialect can also be included. This can be used in the visual aids for better illustration.

For non-English speakers, I would include writings for translation into the native language. Also, a translator will be of aid to the communication.

Speech recordings were taken from non-primary children. The sounds produced were analyzed and used to construct sentences. This was a great achievement in trying to understand the language.

Methods for Preparing Presentation

Topic Selection

The topic to be discussed must be known before-hand. It should be in accordance to the theme of the speech. The topic must relate with the core message of the speech. Audience composition must also be in mind. A speech to be delivered to professionals is different from one to villagers.

Write the Speech Outline

It is important to have a speech that is flowing. The outline helps one to remember the important points to be discussed. It gives the speech a structure of how you will present the points. This makes the audience attentive.

Tools of the Speech

Some speeches require visual and audio tools for illustrations. These include; computer presentation, handouts, charts videos and projections. The right tool to be used must be known in advance. Adequate preparation should also be done to avoid instances of power failure. It is important to consider time in speech. Long speeches are boring and make audience lose attention. A good speech is precise and exhaustive.

In my speech, I have to clearly indicate the topic to be discussed. I have to prepare all the audio-visual tools in advance. My speech has an outline and structure.

Buy custom Organization of Speech essay

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