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Future of Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is a technology that is used to transmit information without a physical laid media. It is foreseen to play important role in the coming future. This is due to its ease in connectivity. In the coming future, there will be a greater transformation of how people think about radio communication. There will be a shift from hardware radios to software radios with stronger signals. This change would provide opportunities for more exploits of radio spectrum so as to enhance faster delivery of data which are more reliable. This information will be transmitted without any collusion. There for technologies such as carrier sense media access with collusion avoidance will be a thing of the past.

Pass Of Information about the New Technology

Craig Partridge wrote the article having in mind five key points to address. These issues were to promote the wireless communication realization. One, he wanted to alert the future technicians of the new technology to come. These were directed to radio engineers, computer technicians and public advocates. The main reason behind this was to enable then to know of how they can prepare themselves to suit the demand of technology to come. Learning how to program hardware in order to support signals of higher performance was one of the intended technologies was being addressed. Technology of wireless communication and wireless environmental opportunities was also among the technologies. How to manage the wireless protocol as well as managing the bandwidth was also inclusive (Porcino and Hirt 2003)

Change from Hardware Radios to Software Ones.

The second key point of the article is how radio hardware can be transformed to radio software come 2020. It will be considered as a standard technology which will be applicable to both military and commercial radio. Software radios will incorporate a wide range of devices such as sensor powered by battery and handheld which will be efficient for removable parts. Software running in the radios may experience change in real time therefore it will facilitate the set of frequency in the physical layer. Therefore modern technology for the application should be formulized. These technologies should be universal in order to accommodate diverse systems. A larger bandwidth is recommended so that no limitation can be experienced during the streaming of data from one point to the other. Despite software radios being smaller as the computer battery, its price is also relatively cheaper. Their prices are always less due to the kind of its make. The programmable features of a radio chipset are relatively cheap. Software radios are preferable for their flexibility.

Adaptation to the World of Software Radios

The third issue addressed in the article was how people will live in the world radio that uses software. It will be advantageous to the consumers. They will only buy the devise rather than incorporating it wireless protocol. Therefore, these new technologies make the consumers to pay less for the transmission of data. Time taken for the transmission will also reduce. On the other hand, introduction of new technologies will demoralize the manufacturers of PDA on their adverts. They basically advertise on their product being able to support wifi and Bluetooth. The forth issue was the varieties of software radios. Being aware of software radios coming to existence in future years, the author wanted to the technicians to know how they can be made.

The first type was a software radio that is as a result of integrating programmable components. These components include the embedded processors, DSPs and FPGAs. These programmable components are the product of assembled software. The main aim of the designer of the designer of these radios was to enhance its processing power. The second type of software radio will be made up of a power wakeup radio. This radio of higher power triggers the other to switch on so as to receive transmissions. This kind of radio uses lower energy as compared to the one using Wi-Fi chipsets when they transmit same capacity of data. These kinds of radios can be differentiated by their chipset and the processor. The author brings out clearly that these two kinds of radios have no big comparison. The only differences come out in their propagation fields as well as RF signals.

The third kind of radio that the author wanted the community to know is the disposable radios. These kind of radio have a longer life span, they also consume less power. Their power supplies are easily replaceable therefore, many do not prefer recharging it. The worst challenge with the kind of radio is where to dispose the already used power systems.

Recognition of Software Radios

The fifth key issue was how the people will realize that the world of software radios has already reached. These will be determined by the way they do work.  The great challenge will be how to ensure that rogue software is not loaded and how it can be handled so that it doesn’t interfere with the public safety channels.  To deal with these matters, one must be at a position of describing the behaviors of radio. Software radios realization in the world has raised an issue of how to use spectrum having in mind the rules governing it. Current situation can be improved by providing information of how the stations behave their actual spectrum as well as the specific regions they can cover.

The behaviors of wireless software radios kept on changing due to inadequate research. Inadequacy in research shows the level of misunderstanding the technical need of the software windows. A case came out of sight when a standard channel that was use to transmit a given software to a specified location developed issues. Given software was transmitted to all places as a result. This situation was helped by use of a local spectrum as a regulator. This regulator is used to monitor the content of what is to be transmitted. It ensures that no wrong information is transmitted to a wrong channel. Every channel has to receive the transmission meant for it to help system in wasting valuable spectrum.


For the above key issues to come to pass, technologies needed for the wireless communication should be the core platform. Technicians should come up with the relevant technology which will act a booster to the completion of this project (Partridge 2011: 68). Finances can be a greater challenge. The presence of government has been an aid of finance. Control of bandwidth and identification the kind of protocol are the core knowledge that one should have in mind. In addition, the societies should also be informed about the new technology that the media wants to implement. This will prepare them psychologically of the new technology ones their implementations are in the ground. It’s the growth in population that has resulted the straining in the channel of data transfer. The effectiveness of wireless radio will improve this situation come 2020.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

In regards to communication, a lot of sales have been made by the mobile telephony manufactures and the PDA. This has been as a result of their devices supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication. Most of users still prefer Bluetooth and the PDA irrespective of their performance. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applets are freely compatible. They can be installed in variety of radios and communication devices.  Their compatibility and wider range of coverage which are automatically connected have enabled them to be universal. Therefore, they can be used irrespective of the location and the protocol used in data communication. The world of wireless communication and Wi-Fi is still evolving. As a result, it will bring out a fluent world that uses wireless communication.

Most of wireless communication always connects automatically. These reduce the chances of a user to appear physically for the configuration. The 2020 radios to come will enjoy the benefits of bandwidth which is unlimited. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication will increase the performance of the same with the help of radio applets. They are capable of detecting the spectrum which is not used, therefore improves the efficiency in communication. It has come to attention that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can use a lot of frequencies due to lack of specification.

The author believes that software radios have the capability of changing the spectrum of communication. Contrary to its advantages, the incidence of unfulfilling the regulations of licensors will take place. However, the management of how radio connections will take place will be efficient. The only policy that will assist the technology to stand is by introducing security and authorization to the users before they can access wireless communication system.

Two Key Issues of Exploration

Recognition of Software Radio

Software radios come in 2020 will be controlling the world.  It has enabled a wireless network to have a future which is brighter. Most of wireless infrastructure has been improved to support the technology. Software radio will facilitate more reliable and faster exploitation of spectrums (Kripalani, 2002).  The fact that there has been conception of software radio in addition of it being in mind has brought a lot of impacts.  A lot of opportunities have been identified. These will promote the outlining of the objectives which will require a lot of policies to be implemented. These decisions will determine whether the wireless networking will be effective come 2020.

The world is dreaming of a standard wireless networking technology in 2020. These target the military and the commercial world in regards to communication (Partridge 2011: 63). The author wants to that the radio channels to be fitted with the correct communication applets. It all begins with detailed understanding of these kinds of radios with respect to wireless communication world. It will as well demand the technicians to know the exact way of fixing the hardware and program the software for the realization of higher competence communication environment. A security policy has been conceptualized for the support of secure communication channel (Partridge 2011: 66-67).

Change from Hardware Radios to Software Ones

In as much as wireless network occupies a smaller percentage, it is believed that it will conquer the world as a whole (Partridge 2011: 68). So far the stakeholders have studied the world, understand well where there is deficit. Their main target is to fulfill the loop holes so as to lay foundation for the big dream to come to pass. One of the main loop holes is speed. The stakeholders are looking forward on how they can improve the performance of wireless network by increasing the efficiency in speed. How to share the spectrum is another issue all together. They are up to knowing which method is effective for the sharing of spectrum. Shareholders’ aim is to control this world of wireless software radios so as to avoid collusion of various channels during transmission. To finalize on these, improved technology and infrastructure will allow wireless radios to perform effectively.

Critical review

Realizing the world of wireless network is absolutely possible by 2020. The possibility depends majorly on understanding the requirements. Implementation is another core that can facilitate the possibility of wireless network by 2020. The level of analysis can ensure that whatever is implemented is what is to be expected. Wireless communication will expand the communication industry. The growth in paging has been rapidly realized in the field of wireless communication. Cordless communication and use of cellular has also increased (Porcino and Hirt, 2003).  Imagination of publics has been captured, same to attention of the media creating a new era in communication. The way the medium is used has been advanced by the new technology.

The future of the wireless network communication can on the other hand not come true. These potential can nailed to be unlocked when the right technologies are not applied. The rate at which telecommunication industry will grow is based on innovations and technological infrastructures. There will be a bigger role that wireless communication will play in 2020 has the author said (Haykin and Moher, 2005). Future radios will be the end product of integrating software and hardware components. The performance will also depend on the kind of chipset used by the manufacturers.

For the improvement of wireless communication, more of research is recommended since it is an independent field. These discoveries will help in the uplifting technologies which will make the rate of growth to shoot up.  As usual, government is also not left out. They always give rights to ho the devices should be connected while designing the procedure of communication. These rights are based on standard protocols and regulations used whenever there is a central post of controlling communication. The rules of the government help to prevent the issue of disturbance. They don’t allow a channel to share frequency with the other.

Use of local spectrum as the author has indicated is not a good idea. He considers this local spectrum to be a regulator of the kind of transmission being done in various channels. This scenario does not bring out clearly the issue of privacy. There is a big man watching everything that a station does. Another issue that rises is the introduction of a monopolistic body to man the activities of telecommunication. This can result to biasness to some specific channels. It can give more privileges to some stations than the others.

As a result, unhealthy competition can materialize. At the end, there will be a lot of pollution in the media sector. Again, the expected change of technology to be used in 2020 will stagnate.  In the same line to these, the main objectives of introduction of wireless software radios will not come to pass. The best way to rule these out is to ensure that each station has equal opportunity to transmit anything via their channels. Whatever is to be transmitted should not have the intention of insulting the other channels. Data transmitted should not also interfere with the peace that exists in the county.

The author has use used some technical terminologies in radio technologies that may not be understandable by some of the readers. An example is the term chipset.  This may not mean a lot to the readers who don’t understand what it means. Unity should be realized among the stakeholders. This will enable them to analyze the demand of new technology as a result, superb ideal may be conceptualized.

Buy custom Wireless Networking essay

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