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Buy custom Standardized Displays and Controls essay

Displays and controls give the means of passing information between workers and machines in human-machine systems. Displays show data about the operational status, and control devices enable operators to take appropriate actions and alter the states of human-machine systems (Chan & Chan, 2007). Unintended operations of controls can result in injuries and low volumes of productivity. These operations can occur when the controls are near, and incorrect control operations are initiated. The design of the controls should be in such a way that they cannot be easily activated. This makes the workers feel safe. Dials and switches should be always kept off to prevent unintentional operation. Correct labeling should be made on the machine in accordance with local culture. On displays, signs used should clearly display the danger that is currently being faced in the industry. Risks and dangers should be clearly displayed so that the workers know what actions to take (ILO, 2010).

Employees’ involvements with certain jobs are through display consoles. Here, workers are required to get information through sense of hearing, process the information mentally and then make a decision. The displays must be properly placed so that they pass clear, concise information to minimize errors. Displays and controls should be simplified to enable easy operations. Displays should be at the same area with the mostly used one being centrally placed to enhance easy readings. Controls should be well spaced for proper operation. Switches must be well placed to avoid unintended operation. Hand and foot controls should be used where specificity and more energy are required respectively (Gray, 2000).

Standardized displays and controls can be a safety issue if they are not implemented well. This is because of the types of injuries that the machinery causes to the workers which are either physical or psychological thus, affecting employees’ performance and productivity. If displays and controls are not implemented well, there are chances of increasing errors in the workplace which might result to physical injuries or other safety issues.

Buy custom Standardized Displays and Controls essay

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