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The Last Judgement and The Last Supper

Michelangelo’s art depicts the second coming of Jesus Christ to judge all humanity into eternity. Christ, surrounded by the saints, judges the humans and every soul rises and descends to their final and eternal fate. The dead are raised when angels blow their horns. One angel holds the book of life which Christ uses to judge humanity. The chosen whose names are found are escorted by angels to Heaven. The damned whose names are found missing go to hell. The composition of the artwork in incredibly complex with the spiritual destinies of many anguished. The composition depicts the final division between the damnation and salvation. The issues of personal salvation and mortality took the central point in the artwork.

Leonardo’s artwork tells the biblical story when Jesus and his twelve disciples at a dinner. This was last supper that revealed secrets that shocked the disciples. This night preceded the death of Christ. Jesus announced that he will be killed and will be betrayed by one of the disciples eating together with him. The artwork in its simplicity is a masterful composition depicting striking contrasts in attitudes of the twelve disciples. The art portrays the disciples as human beings with no understanding of the future. The personalities of the disciples are highlighted by mimicry and gesture. The artwork shows the shocked disciples at the announcement of their master. The artwork illustrates thirteen men seated at a table. Christ Jesus is the man in the middle. He does not have a shocked face and relaxed with hands on the table and eyes closed so as not to directly point out who the betrayer is. The disciples are grouped in four groups each enquiring about the announcement.

Both the artist set high standards for poetry, architecture, sculpting and painting. The compositions of the paintings were well and clearly communicating the intent of the artists. The paintings were very good perspective and equally proportioned. Both the paintings were a three-dimensional effect making figures to be unique from the backgrounds.

Buy custom Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci essay

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